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Da Hogwarts: New world, A story never heard!


Author: KathyWeezly. (Note from the anti-hero: YAY!! You rock!)

Category: Parody, comedy (And based on the books and the movies)

Rated: PG-13 for the language. (Note from the storys anti-hero: If there wasn´t any language, This crappy s*?! would be more awful!!)


Hiya there, you fanfiction-reading fan! I am Kathy, a witch! Im a witch but certainly not a bitch! Im gonna introduce you to the characters in da houzz!!

Harry "HP or Hewlett-Packard" Potter

Age: 11 years old.

His storee: Okay, this is difficult shit... I shall make this short... When that kid turned 1 year or sumthin´, Some random evil dude named Moldyshorts (You-Know-Who´s note: VOLDEMORT!! VOLDEMORT YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!) Yeah yeah, Wildycourt, Jellysnort or Whatever that random evil dude´s name is! So that Kellyworth killed poor ickle Harrys parents. and Hollywoods murderer made Harry move to the stupid Dursleys ehich i am gonna introduce last... after Vonderhood...(Y-K-W`s note: Too baaad i don´t know where you live...)

Ronald "Cutie" Weasley.

Age: 11 too. *squee* SAME AGE!! YAAAY!!!

His storee: Sadly, i don´t know so much about this cutiecutie...but SOMEDAY I SHALL KNOW MORE!!! But his parents haven´t been killed by that loser Montygoat. (Y-K-W´s note: SHUT UP!!)

Hermione "Buddymigo" Granger

Age: 11....Its like im wirting that review essay about Oceans 11...FUCK!! I HATE THAT NUMBER NOW!!!

Her storee: NONE of her parents are wizards, but they are dentists... I am afraid of those...ALIENS from Pluto who wants get rid of the genius invention called...candy.

Thats all for today, I will update tomorrow



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